Friday, April 8, 2011

Bottom Lounge tonight (4/8/11)

Tonight's the night! Facing Winter with Nathan Kalish and the Wildfire, Molehill, and Jackson Bailey at the Bottom Lounge!

For tickets follow this link or show up before 9pm for a $2 discount. The show is 17+ and we go on at 9pm sharp.

It's near the corner of Lake and Ashland right downtown. Click here for the address and a map.

This will be our only show in Illinois this month... hope you can make it!

Oh yeah, and I forgot to mention... we've got at least 20 brand new t-shirts for sale! We also silk-screened some bandannas (which are pretty awesome!). We'll have them at our merch booth at Bottom Lounge tonight.

Next up we'll be doing a mini-tour of Michigan April 28th until May 1st.

In other news...

Dina has returned from Wooten Woods (a camp run by Victor Wooten). She was supposed to be back last Sunday, but her flight got delayed a few days due to the problems Southwest Airlines was having last week.

She hasn't had time to sort through all of the photos and audio yet... but once she does I'll make sure to post some highlights.

Hope to see you all at the show tonight!


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