Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Noosh You Can Yoosh

Less than two weeks until our Bottom Lounge show!

Leave us a message on our facebook wall or email theband@facingwinter.com to get your presale tickets for $8.

They're cheaper from us than from anywhere else... and there's a limited supply. So hurry!

Chicago Acoustic Underground kindly designed and donated these posters for the show. I liked them so much I decided to hoard them all for myself and hang them on the front door.

Just kidding... I was just brushing up on my photoshop skills.

Later this week I'll be going on another poster hanging expedition.

This past Friday Dina and I had the pleasure of seeing Hannah Frank perform a set at the Abbey Pub in Chicago. It was another Chicago Acoustic Underground show. All of the performers were excellent!

Here's a picture of two-thirds of the "Hannah Frank Trio" at the Abbey:

Hannah sure can belt out a soulful note! Her style had a southern folksiness to it... which made it very unique. Her guitar work was warm and dynamic... featuring a bluesy mix of lush chords and old-timey rhythms.

Check out the Hannah Frank Trio page to hear some songs and find out about upcoming shows.

Hannah is also a very talented writer. She's the driving force behind "OnAxis Music Journalism". Follow the link to read Hannah's work and to learn more about some of Chicago's best indie bands.

Later that same night I was outside and happened to hear an exceptional voice chiming from the other side of the bar.

(I didn't even know they did shows there!)

Upon further inspection I discovered the voice was Michele McGuire who was performing with her band. Here's a picture of them I took from outside the bar:

The guitarist was excellent. I got the impression they might be jazz students (or something along those lines).

Here's a cool tune the drummer wrote:

I was really impressed with Michele's vocal range... and how natural her tone seemed no matter what range she was at (high or low). I got a Johnny Cash vibe from this song... I think it's the way the vocal melody starts low, then slowly climbs a ladder up to the end of the phrase. Check out more of Michele's music here. It's worth your time.

Tomorrow afternoon Drew is going to lay down some bass tracks for two of our brand new songs. We're excited about the progress we're making towards completing the new album.

Come to the Bottom Lounge Friday April 8th!! We go on at 9pm. And you only need to be 17+ to get in. (click on the show poster above and it'll take you to the event page)

As always, stay tuned to FacingWinter.com for all the details on upcoming shows, new music, etc...

Next week's blog will include a report of Dina's adventures with Victor Wooten in Tennessee!

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