Sunday, July 24, 2011

48 songs we played 7/23/11

Campfire, October, Scientists, Lifted, Used to Be, Another Day, Oh No, Volcano, Tightrope, Yeah What, Home, Moonshine, Travelin, Bad Idea, Caress Me Down, Pink Sky, Breath Deep, West Cheese, Broke Folksy, Working Title, Lost, Venture Further, Backroads, Strange, Evade, Will It Be the Last Time, Mend, Clam Song, Fake Plastic Trees, Army, You Don't Know How It Feels, Fake Plastic Trees, Idle Threats, Liars, For Real, Pocket of Change, Say No To Cat Piss, 290, April 29th 1992, Colorful, Slowpoke, New Explosion, Land Locked Blues, Killshot, Teleportation, Anarchy, All For Profit, and Inertia.

Longest set I've ever played...

After the first 10 songs it started raining. The electronics in my acoustic guitar shat out again.
Switched to electric.
The rain stopped. We played another 15.
Meanwhile the wind picked up.
Silent lightning flashed violently.
During the next 10 cops came. But they were nice. We moved the music inside.
Jeff sang and played guitar on the next 3. It sounded incredible! His voice is stunning and honest. Better than he will ever know.
On another 9 I felt the absence of my friends and family who are far away. I also thought about mistakes I've made... and situations I wish I could've handled better.
The final song brought me back to peace. The room was filled with undeniably good people... my brother, my best friend, my makeshift family... I'm incredibly lucky and very thankful.
And a short drive later we are back home.

Tour starts in 4 days!!