Monday, June 6, 2011

Two questions: Why? And why not?

Sorry for the extended time between posts! There have been a lot of things I've been wanting to write about here... we've had a lot of great shows... recorded some new songs... and I wanted to post some reviews of concerts I've been to lately (like Them Damn Kids, Jack Avery's Kin, Baron's of Tang, Stuck Underwater, and Davenport Ed). Hopefully I will get to all those things soon... but today will be something different.

Those of you who know me well know that I'm prone to rambling. Especially in written form. And that's what you're in for if you decide to keep reading.

It's sometimes hard to answer "why?". It's usually easier to answer "why not?".


Why not keep playing music? Why not keep trying to release albums every year? Why not attempt to tour the world?

Well, to put it bluntly: because it's really fuckin hard! And because a lot of the time it feels like there are 15 epic fails for every glorious WIN.

Long story short... FW only needs 1 victory to make up for 15 of it's failures. And that's the key to our greatest strength as a musicians: We can take it! Bring it on. We can stomach failure. We can learn and keep going.

Don't get me wrong.... we're always trying to improve the fail-to-win ratio... it's not like we're intending to fail... it just happens sometimes. Things may never get easier... and that's okay. I don't think anything good in life is easy. And music is good. Therefore not easy.

So why then?

Why keep playing music? Why keep trying to release albums every year? Why attempt to tour the world?

Sometimes I don't know.

I just know we can't stop.

If I had to give you an answer to those questions I would say:

Because we can... and because we want to.

And because you don't necessarily get to choose your passion in life... it sorta chooses you. And once you've been chosen, you've gotta try your best. You've just gotta!

And that's one thing you can always count on us for.

But besides passion and a will to win, there are still two other things we need: Love and support from people like you. Without you, our best wouldn't be very good.

Thank you for fueling our fire... and for making our best even better.

This concludes my rambling.

(for today)