Thursday, September 22, 2011

Thanks Drew and Dina!

Whelp. It's been a pretty crazy Summer as usual... I can't believe it's almost over. It was a great one for the band, but also pretty tough.

I'm sure a lot of you have heard by now... Drew and Dina both moved on to other projects recently and will no longer be playing with Jeff and I full time in Facing Winter. It's always difficult when things change... but we're really happy for them. They're both perusing what they love (which is what we're all meant to do right?).

Drew did a great job as our full-time bassist for well-over a year. We can't thank him enough for all his his hard work, writing, and creativity (and all the friggin' miles racked up on his car). We're definitely going to miss his instantaneous learning ability, his one-takers while recording songs, his writing style, and his consistant professional attitude. We've got a six song EP which will be completed by the end of the year... Drew played and helped write every track... I'm extremely excited for it to be finished.
Recently Drew graduated with a masters degree in project management. He'll continue to play music (of course!) but is looking to start perusing some business projects (which I hear may include an awesome new Chicago music venue and/or large scale Thunder Snow Ale production).

We were really lucky to have Dina as our guitarist and back-up vocalist for nearly a year. The parts she wrote added a whole new dynamic and depth to the music. We'll really miss the creativity and originality she brought to the band. In her time with us she did a great job on a variety of projects with us including but not limited to: saxophone on "Home", backup vocals on "290", and whistling on "October". She also did a great job helping with our mailing list, merch, and promoting shows. In addition, she recorded some cool parts on the upcoming 6 song EP.
Dina recently decided to go back to school to finish her degree and is playing full-time in a new band with Paige Dechausse.

We wish both Drew and Dina all the best in their new projects and look forward to everything that comes next!


p.s.- several new posts coming soon... I've got lots to write about and catch-up on

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