Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Promotional adventure + Valentiger show = Good day for Justin

Yesterday was Sunday and there was a lot that needed to be done.

The to-do list:

-hang Seven Sided Records fliers on the bulletin boards at coffee shops along Roosevelt Road between Wheaton and Chicago

-pick up our pre-sale tickets from the Bottom Lounge for our show April 8th (hang posters promoting the show while I'm there)

-hang Facing Winter posters and Seven Sided Records fliers in the neighborhood surrounding the Double Door

-head to the Whistler on Milwaukee to catch the Valentiger show


I got a fun little card reader for my phone... so I figured I'd post a couple low-fi videos from my adventure:

(just to warn you... these are all pretty cheesy... I'm not much of a narrator... haha)

Part 1: About to hit the road

Part 2: Singing in the car

Part 3: Wrappin' it up

Here's a picture of Valentiger rockin it:

Valentiger's set sounded bad-ass. It was especially impressive because Brent was sick (the lead singer). So Eric filled in on lead vocals and did an EXCELLENT job. I tried to take a video of the show, but the audio came out all distorted and awful sounding unfortunately.

If you haven't heard of Valentiger, you should check them out here: http://www.valentigermusic.com/

Here's a hilarious picture I took of Jeff last week... wearing his bathrobe over his clothes while smoking a cigerette in the garage.

Classic Goluszka:

Alright, time for me to go to bed.


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